Disaster Preparedness Week Overview

Welcome to preparedness week!

Here you will find 7 simple activities that are designed to get you 7 steps closer to being able to get out of your house in 5 minutes or less.

This week you will take on one of the following tasks each day. This time next week you will be telling your friends that it is easy to be prepared.

Daily Activities

Day 1 - Communication

A major earthquake hits. Cell phone communication is down. You and your spouse are both  at work. Where do you meet up?  Who do you contact from the landline you find? What is the address of your child's school?

Day 2 - Personal Items

There is a wildfire tearing through town. You have five minutes to be in your car evacuating. Do you have a bag ready to go or are you leaving your home without essential items?

Day 3 - Papers and Important Documents 

You have received an evacuation order. You need to leave as soon as possible to avoid the worst of the traffic. How long do you think it will take to go through your important documents to grab what you need? In a rush will you will grab everything you need?

Day 4 - Medicine and Prescriptions

Your local pharmacy is closed and you are not able to get a hold of your physician. How can you prepare so that you have the medicine you need?

Day 5 - Evacuation Routes

You receive an evacuation order and you must get out of your home immediately. Planning your route ahead of time and writing it down will let you intact your plan when under pressure.

Day 6 - Priceless Items

If you were given 15-30 minutes to grab items in your house that you want to save, do you know what you would grab and where those items are? You don't want to make these decisions in the moment, you want to follow your plan and go.

Day 7 - Special Needs, Children, and Pets

If you have special needs, children, or pets you need to prepare. You don't want to find yourself stuck in traffic or in a shelter without diapers or dog food.

Bonus day - Evacuation Checklist

You have completed all 7 days of activities! Now what? See what you have accomplished and what you will be able to leave your home with in 5 minutes or less.