Disaster Preparedness Week - Day 1

Day 1: Communication

So you are stuck in your home. This is the perfect time to get yourself prepared!

This series is designed to give you one small task every day this week with the goal of having a plan in place in case you are faced with an emergency. With everyone focused on the current global crisis, this is the perfect opportunity to get ready for the upcoming hurricane season, the next wildfire, or the next big lurking earthquake.

Download your Emergency Contact List.

Emergency Contact List

In an emergency, you do not want to be reliant on your phone for contact information. This guide walks you through what needs to be included in your emergency kit.

  1. Personal information
  2. Out of state contact
  3. Frequent addresses (School, Work, etc)
  4. Meetup locations


  • Texting takes less data and has a better chance of getting through in an emergency.
  • Have an out of state contact in case All local communication channels go out.
  • Keep your cell phone in airplane mode to help your battery last longer.

Day 2 Post: Personal Items