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Disaster readiness supplies, for everyday people, in extraordinary circumstances

All the details you need

We love talking about the Phoenix Kit and what we have put in it. If you are like us and need to know every detail, read on.

You may be asking, ‘This all sounds good but how will this kit keep my family safe after an earthquake, hurricane, flood, forest fire, or any other emergency?’ We're glad you asked. We have spent the last year researching, refining, and building the most versatile survival kit on the market.

Let's break down the contents of the Phoenix Kit into categories and dive into each item.


  • Durable bag to hold up to the elements - Made using 1000D Cordura Nylon
  • Emergency Evacuation Checklist - What to grab and where to grab it
  • Waterproof bag for important documents
  • Survival guide to help in extreme situations


  • Water - 3 liters of water stored in 24 single serve foil pouches. This is x times more water than is listed as needed for 72 hours.
  • Food - Three food bars giving over 11,000 calories of emergency food rations. This is 50% more than recommended.
  • Water Filter - This filter of course removed bacteria, viruses, giardia, cryptosporidium. These are standard for filters and a must. We chose a filter that also removes Chlorine, chemicals (VOC’s), heavy metals, and radiological contaminants. This filter is truly amazing!


  • NOAA (Weather) Radio - This radio can be run with solar power during the day or by a hand crank at night. Provides essential access to the NOAA weather band as well as AM and FM bands. This will also charge your phone using a USB port.
  • Knife - Simple and straightforward. This 4.5” folding knife is simple and effective. It does not fold out into 101 tools, it will not julien fries, but it will work with no instructions needed.
  • Pry Bar - There are many instances where a pry bar will be useful, be it opening a stuck door after an earthquake, breaking a window, or even zombies. This 14” wrecking bar will do the trick.
  • Work gloves - The last thing you need in an emergency are injured hands. Cuts and scrapes increase your chance of infection and add complications that you do not need. Protect your hands and wear gloves.
  • Wrench - If you find yourself in need of closing a pipe you wont need to try and find what drawer you left your wrench in. Including this 12” adjustable wrench is recommended by FEMA.


  • Lantern - When the power is out it gets shockingly dark. We have included a solar light that is amazing at lighting up a space using 10 powerful LEDs. This lantern also has a frosted body that give off a diffuse glow that is perfect for filling your space with light.
  • Glowsticks - We are excited to have found these awesome glow sticks. They last all night and they are packaged in foil so they can last 5 years without losing their glow.
  • Flashlight - I forgot to mention that the NOAA Radio also has a flashlight. No batteries to worry about here. Just leave it in the sun or spin the hand crank for instant light from the three ultra bright LED bulbs.


  • Emergency Blanket - Whether you left your home in a hurry and don't have blankets or you are in a wet home with no windows these emergency sleeping bags will keep you warm.
  • Signal Mirror - If you are stranded and need to get the attention of rescue workers this signal mirror will do the trick. Easy to use and extremely effective at catching the attention of help.
  • First Aid Kit - Our kit is filled with 21 different items (110 pieces but we all know that number is there just to sound good). From simple adhesive bandages to trauma pads this kit will cover you in most situations.
  • Garbage bags - We don't want to think about it but it's a thing... Poop. There are many situations when your toilet will not be flushable. In those times you can empty out the water from the bowl and double these bags in the bowl so that you can remove your waste from your home.
  • Hand warmer - When the power is out or things are wet these will be essential for either comfort or survival. Combine these with the emergency sleeping bag in extreme situations. Just be careful it can get hot quick.
  • Mask - Smoke, dust, and mold can be present during and after an emergency. Protecting yourself from these contaminants is a must. Put these on before you do anything else if there is a need.
  • Nitrile Gloves - In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey the flood water was contaminated with untreated sewage and chemicals from over 40 petrochemical plants and refineries. Wear gloves when touching contaminated items.
  • Potassium iodine tablets - We don't think about it much but there are operating nuclear power reactors in 30 states, 98 in total. If there was ever an accident at one of these locations these tablets will help protect your body from absorbing the radiation.
  • Sanitation wipes - With no running water or limited fresh water these will help to keep your hands clean to ward off disease.
  • Whistle - Simple effective way to signal for help and the best part is that everyone knows how to use one (if its not working, turn it around).


  • Journal - You can use this to keep notes on your rations or to keep score from your card game. This journal can withstand water, mud, or whatever you throw at it.
  • Playing cards - It is important to keep your spirits up and help pass the time with something other than waiting for help. We provide the standard deck of cards you pick the game.
  • Pencil - There is an amazing and expensive ‘space pen’ that works great for writing on wet surfaces, but you know what works just as well, a pencil. The old NASA vs Soviet story may not be true but the point is a good one.

Phoenix Kit TM

by Plan Forward


Two person 72-hour
emergency survival kit

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